(CNN)President Donald Trump sat down with The Washington Submit in the Oval Place of enterprise on Tuesday, basically the most fashionable in a series of interviews with main media outlets of slack. (I’m soundless looking out ahead to my invite, Mr. President!)

The Submit released the plump transcript of their interview. And it is a doozy. Under, the lines it be necessary to learn from the leader of the free world.
1. “We are speaking about issues. Alternatively it be a in point of fact sad recount after I respect — now we safe amazing of us, amazing combatants. But we are going to acknowledge what occurs. We will acknowledge what occurs.”
Right here’s Trump’s response to the Submit’s put a query to about the persevered presence in Afghanistan. But in point of fact, it goes to double as his response to merely about any battle wherever in the field. Or in point of fact any coverage put a query to in any appreciate. Talking about issues. Going to acknowledge what occurs. Going to, uh, see what occurs.
2. “Let me plod off the anecdote on anecdote of I don’t are looking out to salvage in the center of the total aspect.”
When asked about whether he modified into planning on doing anything else to aid ragged campaign chairman Paul Manafort — who signed a plea contend with Robert Mueller’s personnel most effective to, reportedly, misinform investigators and aid-channel files to Trump — the President of the US wasn’t willing to claim anything else for the anecdote. Which is verrrry keen. After his off-the-anecdote answer on Manafort, the Submit reporters inquire to put it on the anecdote in some form. Answered Trump: “I’d fairly no longer. In some unspecified time in the future, I’m going to talk on the anecdote about it. But I’d fairly no longer.” Hmmmmmmmm!
three. “I see the Democrats are going to are looking out to entire something, on anecdote of they realize too. Those photos are very inaccurate for the Democrats.”
Trump’s speaking about his inquire of $5 billion to fund the border wall. And I’m no longer definite where he will get his self belief that “Democrats are going to are looking out to entire something,” given the real fact that every Democrat I’ve seen quoted of slack has been extremely skeptical of Trump’s proposed wall spending.
four. “I know one aspect: If she loses, I’m going to be blamed, and if she wins, I’m going to be given no credit. That is the fine aspect I know.”
The President of the US repeatedly sees himself as the victim. In this case, he thinks he’s the victim of a dishonest media, which is unwilling to give him credit for a Republican senator a hit by eight aspects in a direct that is amongst basically the most conservative in the country.
5.”But anyway, finish you guys need something to drink?”
One aspect of us who safe by no strategy interacted with Trump don’t salvage is how extremely solicitous he’s — in particular of the media. He needs to be seen as a lawful guy and a natty guy… It’s virtually as though all of his rhetoric about the “inaccurate files” is upright a ploy to throw beef to his rotten!
6. “One in every of the complications that a form of of us love myself — now we safe very excessive ranges of intelligence, nonetheless we’re no longer basically such believers.”
OK. Got it. So, if that you just would be succesful of safe “very excessive ranges of intelligence” you do now not reflect in global warming? Any individual would possibly maybe soundless announce the 300+ climate scientists who participated in the Fourth Nationwide Climate Overview!
7. “You respect at our air and our water, and it be upright now at a anecdote natty.”
First off, “anecdote natty.” 2d, we finish no longer safe “anecdote natty.”
8. “And if you occur to are speaking about an atmosphere, oceans are very runt. And it blows over and it sails over.”
Right here’s no longer The Onion. Right here’s a real quote. On the “oceans are very runt” point: Oceans duvet roughly 70% of the Earth’s surface.
9. “It upright flows upright down the Pacific, it flows, and we reveal where does this strategy from. And it takes many of us to commence off with.”
He’s speaking about garbage dumped into the oceans in Asia. I mediate. But I’m definite that “it takes many of us to commence off with.”
10. “Whereas you occur to head aid and if you realize at articles, they talked about global freezing, they talked about in some unspecified time in the future the planets can safe freeze to death, then it be going to die of warmth exhaustion.”
Gape. It’s a ways steady that over millennia, the climate has shifted each cooler and hotter. But that will not be any longer what the fresh climate trade enviornment is set; it be about how all of a sudden the earth is warming and how folks are impacting that process in deleterious programs. Please finish yourself a want and browse this Novel Yorker allotment by Bill McKibben on how climate trade is already jumpy our earth.
Eleven. “As as to whether or no longer it be man-made and whether or no longer the outcomes that you just are speaking about are there, I don’t see it — no longer practically love it is.”
The aspect is: Trump no longer seeing it by strategy of human exercise worsening the planet’s warming is utterly inappropriate. He would possibly maybe soundless learn the big watch his administration upright released on all of this!
12. “It’s on fire, and they also’re raking it, working so titillating, and they also’re raking all these items. If that modified into raked in the starting, there’d be nothing to prefer on fire.”
13. “I’m in no method cheerful with the Fed. I’m in no method cheerful with my need. I mediate now we must let it plod.”
Jerome Powell, call your dwelling of labor. Genuinely, perhaps don’t.
14. “They’re making a mistake on anecdote of I in fact safe a intestine, and my intestine tells me more once in a while than someone else’s brain can ever announce me.”
Right here’s necessary Trump upright here. He trusts his instincts bigger than some nerd’s brain. He values his avenue sense bigger than something somebody learn in a book. Nearly each decision Trump makes will be outlined by “my intestine tells me more once in a while than someone else’s brain can ever announce me.” And, no, I’m no longer exaggerating.
15. “I’m no longer even somewhat bit cheerful with my series of Jay [Powell for Federal Reserve Board chair]. Now not even somewhat bit.”
Mr. Powell, please fetch up the crimson cell phone. Straight.
sixteen. “I’m no longer blaming someone.”
Trump says this phrase repeatedly all the strategy in which thru the interview — most regularly as he’s blaming somebody.
17. “It’s a ways a rough allotment of the field. It’s a ways a dreadful, rough allotment of the field. But they’ve been a gigantic ally.”
Trump’s two-pronged justification of no longer punishing Saudi Arabia for the homicide of Washington Submit journalist Jamal Khashoggi: 1) Gape, of us in that location finish inaccurate stuff the total time 2) They’ve been our ally. So, yeah.
18. “I know him. I know him successfully, the crown prince.”
The Trump “intestine” precept is amazingly great on existing here. Despite the real fact that the CIA has reportedly concluded that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for my half ordered Khashoggi’s homicide, Trump is unwilling to claim that on anecdote of he knows MBS — and knows him successfully.
19. “I’m getting recommendation. I’m the President of this country.”
OK then!
20. “So I exhaust all the issues into consideration, and yet again, he completely denies it, and he denied it to me on three diversified cases, on three diversified calls, and a form of diversified of us relate it, too.”
Trump is the usage of the equal common sense to shield MBS that he has conventional in the past to shield Russian President Vladimir Putin by strategy of Russian interference in the 2016 election. It’s as though Trump is incapable of working out that these foreign leaders would possibly maybe no longer be telling him the total reality for their very possess geopolitical reasons. Or he’s merely deciding on to reflect his “intestine” over “someone else’s brain.”
21. “He would no longer must be, nonetheless he’s soundless there, so I even don’t safe any draw of doing anything else.”
On Mueller, Trump does two issues here: 1) Makes definite he would possibly maybe assign away with the special counsel at any point (which it be no longer utterly definite he would possibly maybe) and a pair of) reinforces the foundation that he has no recent plans to form a plod in opposition to Mueller.