Russia-linked accounts supported Kremlin infowar campaigns, China bots spread ‘unfounded’ claims about COVID and Hong Kong politics

Twitter this day says they’ve removed tens of hundreds of accounts engaged in propaganda, linked to Russia, China and Turkey. Or as Twitter put it, “new utter-linked data operations”, and it says “all connected accounts and screech material acquire been removed.”

We’re disclosing new utter-linked data operations to our public archive — the superior one of its form in the industry. Originating from the Other folk’s Republic of China (PRC), Russia, and Turkey, all connected accounts and screech material acquire been removed.

— Twitter Security (@TwitterSafety) June eleven, 2020

Right here is the suited Twitter disclosure document.

Moreover, learn the Stanford document at

From Bloomberg News:

The 23,750 accounts tied to China tweeted messages, largely in Chinese language languages, that supported the manager and spread “unfounded” narratives about Hong Kong’s political dynamics, in step with Twitter, which acknowledged that a selection of the accounts acquire been chanced on earlier than they gained great traction.

Twitter furthermore disclosed 1,152 Russia-linked accounts that acquire been half of a community promoting the expert-Kremlin United Russia birthday celebration and attacking dissidents. The accounts acquire been connected with a media space identified as Most neatly-liked Policy that publishes “utter-backed political propaganda internal Russia,” in step with Twitter. “A community of accounts connected to this media operation modified into suspended for violations of our platform manipulation policy, namely rotten-posting and amplifying screech material in an inauthentic, coordinated manner for political ends.”

The last batch of 7,340 accounts basically centered home audiences in Turkey. They “demonstrated sturdy help” for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and amplified narratives promoting the ruling AK Salvage together. The community, which appears to be connected with the birthday celebration’s adolescence soar, contained several compromised Twitter accounts that acquire been connected to organizations essential of Erdogan and the Turkish executive, in step with the social media company.

Right here is immense. Twitter is eradicating accounts from China, Russia, others which also can be if truth be told trolling platforms pushing agenda, not weird folk participating in dialogue. Kudos to Twitter for figuring out these accounts and taking them out.

— JoeAm (@societyofhonor) June eleven, 2020

🚨🧵 Nowadays Twitter announced a takedown of a community of 23,750 accounts attributed to the PRC 🇨🇳, with technical indicators linking the operation to the community suspended in August 2019. SIO participated in the evaluation. File:

— Renee DiResta (@noUpside) June eleven, 2020

Grateful for our team’s work, focal point, and for the collaboration with our partners at @ASPI_ICPC and @StanfordIO. Detecting and disrupting disinformation round the sphere is critically crucial to us all.

Elephantine particulars on this day’s disclosure are on our blog:

— Yoel Roth (@yoyoel) June eleven, 2020

Wow. And here is why being here, no topic how hellish it in most cases would possibly possibly even be, is manner better than being on Facebook.

— Elizabeth C. McLaughlin 🩸🦷 (@ECMcLaughlin) June 12, 2020

Fergus Hanson of @ASPI_org: “While the Chinese language Communist Salvage together obtained’t allow the Chinese language folks to speak Twitter, it is miles fully satisfied to speak it covertly to sow propaganda and disinformation internationally.”

— Ellen Nakashima (@nakashimae) June eleven, 2020