(CNN)President Donald Trump used to be up exciting and early Thursday morning — calling in to Maria Bartiromo’s level to on the Fox Industry Community to riff on every thing from Kamala Harris to Bill Barr to cows. (Yes, cows.)

I went via the transcript of the interview and pulled out the traces that you might maybe must search.
1. “Well, she’s radical left, now she tries to pretend she’s no longer, nonetheless she is the most liberal particular person within the US Senate, acknowledged to be.”
In a minute little bit of a swerve, Trump begins the interview with an correct truth! Based mostly on Govtrack’s 2019 ideology describe card, Harris is the most liberal senator by voting describe. And away we hobble!
2. “Judge of it, we’re nearly again to the assign we had been and we’re aloof within the pandemic, which will be going away, as I boom, it’ll be going away. They most continuously weep, ‘the style that you might maybe additionally you boom that?’ I acknowledged, ‘because or no longer it might maybe possibly possibly well be going away.'”
There might maybe be zero proof the coronavirus is “going to be going away.” Like, none. In level of truth, there were greater than fifty five,000 contemporary instances on Wednesday on my own, in accordance to the CDC.
Three. “You might maybe possibly rebuild cities because too powerful light will get via the window, so let’s get the windows advantageous and dinky. Let’s rip down the Empire Tell Constructing and change it with out a windows.”
Trump’s allegation right here has to originate with a proposal all the map via the Green New Deal that might maybe maybe maybe fair to assign more vitality-atmosphere marvelous windows in spacious region of job constructions and homes. As a ways as I’m able to assert, no one has proposed tearing down the Empire Tell Constructing. You are apprehensive, I know.
Four. “The cows — I feel no longer know within the occasion that they in point of fact assign the cows in. They’re getting hit very appealing by the animal rights groups nonetheless they have confidence no longer are making an try to have cows, they have confidence no longer are making an try to have any get of animals.”
Democrats are making an try to ban cows??? Monsters! Oh wait, no they have confidence no longer.
5. “He would not know what he’s doing. And now it’s good to a — type of a mad girl, I name her, because she used to be so angry and so — such hatred with Justice Kavanaugh.”
Wherein the President means that old Vice President Joe Biden is entirely out of it and leans on the oldest trope within the e book — this girl is angry!! — to comic strip California Sen. Kamala Harris. These words popping out of every other President’s mouth would lead a news cycle for days.
6. “These are seriously sick folk.”
What, you inquire of of, is injurious with Biden and Harris in Trump’s thoughts? He did not boom — and Bartiromo did not inquire of of. Colossal journalism!
7. “And I will assert you a legit poll for the rationale that actual poll — we’re doing very well on the polls, and they also like the suppression polls.”
Waiter, I will have one discover salad, please. Additionally, there are no polls accessible the assign Trump is doing “very well” within the intervening time.
eight. “And I purchased 306. Undergo in thoughts they acknowledged the evening earlier than the election there’s not always any formulation he will get to 270. I did not, I purchased to 306 within the Electoral College.”
The 2016 election used to be 1,374 days ago. I counted.
9. “I mean or no longer it’s loopy. These folk are loopy.”
How did Bartiromo be aware up on these assaults on Democrats? This form: “Or no longer it’s partly because you targeted on jobs, and also you made marketing campaign guarantees to folk about bringing the economic system again which is exactly what occurred after the tax legislation, the deregulation and your insurance policies around vitality.” Wow. Nailed it.
10. “Watch, we bought hit by the China plague and we’re no longer going to neglect it. We bought hit by the China plague.”
Yes, Covid-19 originated within the Wuhan province of China. No, it’s a ways not the “China plague.”
11. “I constructed the finest economic system in history, finest job numbers, finest stock market numbers, finest economic numbers.”
12. “No one’s ever viewed it. I used to be cruising to election. They weren’t even going to be a facet.”
The premise that Trump used to be “cruising” to a 2nd term earlier than the coronavirus pandemic is farcical. How originate I know? Polls. All of them.
thirteen. “George Washington would’ve had a appealing time winning, that.”
If I’m studying this gorgeous, Trump is announcing the father of our country might maybe maybe maybe not take this election thanks to the affect of coronavirus. So, does that mean he can not take both, or …
14. “No one’s blaming me for the truth that the — name it whatever you’d like, the China virus, as there’s 20 names for it. You have your take of names, gorgeous?”
Well, no longer truly. Or no longer it’s both Covid-19 or the coronavirus. Positively no longer the “China virus” or the “China plague.”
15. “Got right here out of China, must aloof have never been allowed to happen, nonetheless truly this plague came in and I closed it up, saved hundreds and hundreds of lives, now we’re re-opening.”
This would not feel like exactly what occurred …
sixteen. “And we’re coming again and coming again solid and my greatest headwind is Biden because every person knows that if Biden will get in, this market’s going to break.”
“Each person.”
17. “AOC used to be a wretched student — I mean, I might maybe maybe maybe not boom the assign she went to varsity, it would not topic. Here is not any longer even a trim particular person, except for she’s bought a legit line of stuff.”
So, Safe. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used to be a “wretched student” who Trump insinuates did not hobble to a prestigious college? (She went to Boston University, which ranked because the Fortieth finest college or university by US Data.) And he or she is “no longer even a trim particular person” too? How does Trump know all of this? He would not! He’s gorgeous slandering her.
18. “I mean she goes out and he or she yaps.”
The President of the US announcing that a female member of Congress “yaps.” No longer misogynistic at all!
19. “So these folk are scaring, and Schumer’s going to get overwhelmed. Yes, and Schumer’s going to get overwhelmed by her, she’s going to bustle against Schumer. And he knows that and he’ll get overwhelmed by her except he can talk her out of doing it, he has no likelihood.”
No one has been more of an advocate for AOC to major New York Sen. Chuck Schumer in 2022 than Trump. Will she truly originate it? She can also!
20. “They wish $Three.5 billion for something that will flip out to be counterfeit, that is election cash on the general. They wish Three.5 trillion — billion greenbacks for the mail-in votes, OK, standard mail-in ballots, Three.5 trillion. They wish $25 billion, billion, for the post region of job. Now they need that cash in assert to have the post region of job work so it might maybe possibly possibly well eradicate all of these hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of ballots.”
Yes! Democrats originate need extra cash for the US Postal Carrier, so as that they’re ready to address what is anticipated to be a spacious upward thrust in mail-in ballots attributable to concerns about in-particular person voting given Covid-19.
21. “Nonetheless within the occasion that they have confidence no longer get those two items, that formulation you can not have standard mail-in voting because they’re no longer equipped to have it.”
He acknowledged the silent share out loud! The White Residence might maybe maybe maybe not let any legislation for coronavirus support wade via that has cash for the Put up Space of business because Trump would not need them to give you the likelihood to successfully habits a largely mail-in ballottask.
22. “And you look how wicked or no longer it has been with this Carolyn Maloney rip-off, she scammed her formulation into an election. She possibly lost, nonetheless they acknowledged mail-in ballots, or no longer it’s all blended up.”
There might maybe be zero proof that Maloney, a New York congresswoman, “scammed her formulation into an election.” Like, none.
23. “The old day, Virginia, 500,000 capabilities for ballots bought sent to every person, no one even knows. Got sent to canines, bought sent to needless folk, no one has no thought what occurred. They acknowledged, ‘oh, we made a mistake, I’m sorry.'”
At pronounce in Virginia used to be a third-occasion workers that sent ballotcapabilities to several million folk — 500,000 (or so) which had the injurious return contend with. The problem used to be on the return contend with, no longer who the capabilities had been sent to.
24. “You understand, there’s nothing injurious with getting out and voting, you get out and vote. They voted all the map via World Battle I and World Battle II, and they also ought to aloof have voter ID, for the rationale that Democrats scammed the arrangement.”
To be determined: Neither World Battle I nor World Battle II used to be contagious. Covid-19 is.
25. “Now, if we have confidence no longer get a deal, that formulation they have confidence no longer get the cash. That formulation they might be able to not have standard mail-in voting, they gorgeous can not have it. So, , type of a loopy thing. Very exciting.”
Can ought to you overlooked it, he acknowledged it all another time! He would not desire a coronavirus support bundle with Put up Space of business cash in it because he believes that is his finest likelihood to block mail-in balloting.
26. “This is able to be the finest fraud in history. This is able to be the most counterfeit — this might maybe occasionally be nearly as counterfeit as Obama spying on my marketing campaign, nonetheless no longer rather. This is able to be the finest fraud in history.”
Broken-down President Barack Obama did not behold on the Trump marketing campaign. And Trump is amazingly powerful laying the ground work to contest the election if he loses — and never admit he lost.
27. “Or no longer it’s known as vote ID, or no longer it’s the finest thing there’s. Each person knows it.”
“The finest thing there’s.”
28. “I’m very marvelous with all of the folk and they also know, they smile at me as soon as I leer at them.”
29. “I have been rather just correct, you favor to bid, Maria, at predicting issues I have been rather just correct, including announcing I used to be going to take the election.”
Donald Trump has long previous bankrupt no longer lower than four instances.
30. “We’re going to continue lowering rules.”
Here is Trump’s acknowledge to the inquire of of what he’ll originate in a 2nd term. Which, well, uh, OK?
31. “We’re going to eradicate the Residence. I reflect we will eradicate again the Residence because Nancy Pelosi is stone-frigid loopy, and I deem we will eradicate the Residence.”
No marketing campaign handicapper thinks that Republicans are going to take the Residence. In level of truth, every person who knows expects that Democrats will accomplish seats. Additionally, what proof does Trump have for calling the Speaker of the Residence “stone-frigid loopy?” Oh, none.
32. “And that is the rationale upon — , I feel no longer get an announcement like that very with out complications, nonetheless we will eradicate — in every other case, I will leer very wicked, nonetheless we will eradicate again the Residence. We’re going to address the presidency, and we’re struggling with very appealing within the Senate.”
“I will leer very wicked.” [nods head]
33. “The Senate is tricky. We have a pair of folk that aren’t as supportive of Trump as they ought to be and those folk are going to lose their elections. In the occasion that they have confidence no longer again Trump, they lose their elections.”
Here is the actual opposite of what is going on. Hundreds incumbents — Arizona’s Martha McSally, Colorado’s Cory Gardner, North Carolina’s Thom Tillis, Maine’s Susan Collins — are being harm by their again for Trump. No longer their lack of again for Trump.
34. “You leer at the total issues that have occurred, nonetheless the ones that have confidence no longer again — and I’m gorgeous talking — eradicate a look. These that have confidence no longer again, and also you will be able to have a pair of folk which might maybe maybe well be making an try to be cute, and I deem they’ll lose their elections and that’s a pronounce for the Senate.”
Wonderful. Flat. Scandalous.
35. “Joe would not even know he’s alive, nonetheless the unions have Biden.”
The old vice president of the US “would not even know he’s alive”? Wow. Favorable claim. For which Trump offered zero proof.
36. “I’m the finest one to get impeached on a supreme phone name, like a supreme phone name.”
37. “They spied on my marketing campaign, which is treason. They spied every earlier than and after I won.”
38. “Bill Barr can hobble down because the finest Attorney General within the history of our country, or he can hobble down as gorgeous an average man. It depends on what’s going to happen.”
Wherein the President threatens his authorized legitimate standard in regard to an ongoing Justice Division probe into the investigation of Russian interference within the 2016 election. Identical old stuff!
39. “I truly have a legit friend who is a truly refined man, one among the most winning folk, him very well, he acknowledged, you ought to aloof be the most correct particular person within the realm to break out the finest witch hunt ever perpetrated within the history of our country.”
This “friend” feels plenty like the “female friend” I had in seventh grade. She lived in Montana so that you might maybe no longer meet her nonetheless she used to be trim and humorous and also dazzling. Factor in me.
forty. “So, Christopher Wray used to be assign there, now we have an election coming up, I might maybe maybe well like he used to be more drawing shut. He indubitably hasn’t been.”
Wray used to be “assign there” (as FBI director) by none except for Donald Trump.
forty one. “We have a debate a month after the ballots birth going out, so folk are voting with out seeing the controversy, so I deem they ought to aloof circulation one debate ahead or have a further one assign in, nonetheless I are making an try to originate the debates and they also’re making an try to get out of the debates. There might maybe be no inquire of about that. You understand, I truly have folk which might maybe maybe well be incredible at this stuff. So am I.”
“I truly have folk which might maybe maybe well be incredible at this stuff. So am I.”
forty two. “I most continuously deem [Democrats] have confidence no longer like the country nonetheless they’re doing the injurious thing. Nonetheless within the duration in-between, I originate like your level to and I deem that you might maybe be incredible.”
Yeah, this appears like a legit region to prevent.